Steel Flame Guardian Standard Copper Tag

Steel Flame Guardian Standard Copper Tag
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We are excited to announce the restock of our new Steel Flame Copper Dog Tag.

Expertly crafted by Derrick Obatake of Steel Flame, our copper dog tag features the Guardian ICON debossed into the copper.  Steel Flame is known world wide as a company that crafts some of the best EDC items available on the market today.  This is one of the most detailed tags we have ever seen, and the photos just don't do justice to the incredible art Steel Flame has created. 

Working with Steel Flame has been an incredible experience, and you can count on a number of projects with Guardian Defense Incorporated partnering with Steel Flame in the future!

As with every Steel Flame item that Guardian Defense Incorporated sells, 10% of the proceeds from every tag purchased will be donated directly to Destiny Rescue to continue to support their effort to fight human trafficking and child slavery.