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Cross of Coronado T-Shirt

$29.00 USD

Cross of Coronado T-shirt

The newest design in our Pop Icon Series blends two of our most popular concepts - our Cross Series, with our Pop Icon Series...

Introducing, the GDI Cross of Coronado. You might remember this Cross from one of the most iconic characters in pop culture: Indiana Jones. In a stormy scene on a boat in a raging sea… Fighting for his footing Indiana screams, “That belongs in a museum!” But we gave this fun Jones’ reference a little GDI twist. Adding the Guardian Icon into the design, this might be our favorite Cross yet. AND our favorite Pop Icon.

The GDI Cross of Coronado stands 11" tall on the front, and the iconic hat and whip are set on the upper center of the back. Our goal was to create a powerful image of the Cross on the front, with a nod to the incredible Pop Icon who brought the legend to life on the back.

These 60/40 ultra soft tees are an athletic fit... if you prefer a loose fit, consider ordering up a size.