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AR Key
AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key AR Key
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AR Key


After just a few hundred rounds in an AR, carbon build up is noticeable. After a few thousand rounds, it is substantial... And as carbon build up increases over time, it can seriously impair the function of the rifle.

100% USA made! Designed by Abraham Hepler of Guardian Defense Incorporated, with input from Patrick Ma and Christopher Whitney of Prometheus Design Werx, this 9 tool key will effectivly scrape carbon from every surface of the AR-15 Bolt and Bolt Carrier (Bolt Carrier Group).  Each area of the key is designed to be a functional tool to remove the carbon build up. Laser cut from tool grade stainles steel, the AR Key includes the following tools: 

  • Scraper for the internal area of the Bolt Carrier
  • Scraper for the cam pin
  • Scraper for both dimensions of the firing pin
  • Scraper for the face of the bolt and the shell recess
  • Scraper for the teeth on the bolt face
  • Scraper that simultaniously removes carbon from the outside, inside, and rear curve of the bolt
  • DEATH BLOSSOM Hex Driver for 1/4" bits
  • Bottle Opener
  • Key Ring Slot

Designed to be kept close to the shooter, this key will make a great asset as you battle the carbon build up on your rifle, as you break loose any fastener with the 1/4" DEATH BLOSSOM Hex Driver, or even just cracking open your favorite beverage after a great day training or on the range. This Every Day Carry tool is the perfect companion for any rifleman. Toss one in your range bag, add one to your keychain, and keep your rifle running flawlessly.

3.625" long, 1.25" wide, this design size was based on a popular make and model vehicle key so that it will fit as an easy addition to your keychain. The Sandblast Finish will wear over time and use, creating a unique-to-you finish based on the way you carry and use your key. 

*Patent Pending