+5 Magazine Extension

+5 Magazine Extension
+5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension +5 Magazine Extension
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+5 Magazine Extension

In a tradition that extends as far back as warfare itself, Warriors have coverd their weapons and armor in images designed to show the soul of the man behind them.  From the demon masks of feudal Japan to the Crusader's shields in the middle ages, warriors have used iconic symbols carved and painted onto their gear for thousands of years.  Now, building on this legacy, you can pull the iconic 3D sculpted image of the Guardian Angel into your gear while running your AR15. Adding an additional 5 rounds to the mag, the Guardian Defense Incorporated +5 Magazine Extensions are the ultimate way to armor your magazine, and take your place in this warrior history.

This extension is designed to fit Magpul Gen 2 PMAGs.  By removing the baseplate and the bottom spring attachment, the Guardian Defense Incorporated +5 Extension simply slips into place, and utilizing the original magazine spring, adds an additional 5 rounds to the magazine.  

100% USA made, machined from solid billet aluminum then hard anodized in black, these extensions are the perfect addition to your magazines. Featuring the Guardian Icon engraved into the extension, these pieces are a bold way to demonstrate your commitment to stand guard over anyone in need - while giving you an additional 5 rounds to protect your family, perfect your training, or even to complete a +30 round phase in a 3 gun competition without having to reload.

Once the original base plate and spring attachment have been removed from the magazine, the extension locks into place, and then is finally secured with a single cap screw (cap screw and hex wrench included with each +5 magazine extension). The details have been expertly refined, creating not only perfect functionality, but the high end quality, look, and feel you have come to expect from every product that Guardian Defense Incorporated releases.  

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Stand Guard.  Armor Your Mags.  Get 5 more rounds.