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Always Bring A Gun Womens T-shirt

$29.00 USD
Military Green

Always Bring A Gun Womens T-shirt

Based on a quote from our Old Testament Series with Abe Hepler, in the "Story of David and Goliath"."What do we learn from the story of David and Goliath? Always bring a gun to knife fight."

Designed to hide the truth of the elements in plain sight, this design is packed with meaning.  The knife represents the sword Goliath carried into the battle, the rifle represents the slingshot of David.  The five six-pointed stars represent the five stones David carried into the fight against Goliath, one red representing the one stone thrown.  To anyone who sees it, this is a simple tactical style shirt... but when you understand what you are looking at, the truth becomes obvious.  Always bring a gun to a knife fight.