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BUDO Helmet Patches

$22.00 USD

BUDO Helmet Patches

BUDO - The Way of the Warrior. 
Beginning with the frame work of Samurai Helmet from Feudal Japan, we blended in as many features from the Guardian Icon as we could... The eye and face cutout from the Guardian Helm, the Icon wings reshaped into the sides of the Helmet, the flames doubled into a mirror image and set on top of the Samurai Helmet. The Kanji for BUDO are set into the circles of the design.

Each Samurai Helmet is 4” tall. Velcro backed, these patches are created with immaculate detail and impeccable quality.

Only 100 of each patch made, these Limited BUDO Helmets will not be offered again. Grab one in either color, or pick up the set for a discount!