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Guardian of Gotham Hoodie

$40.00 USD

Guardian of Gotham T-shirt

The next offering in our Pop Icon Series, our Guardian of Gotham shirt line offers a distressed gold Icon on the front that fades from light to dark, with a modern version of the iconic Bat Symbol tucked into the Icon. The reverse has a small distressed more iconic version of the Bat Symbol with the matching light to dark gold fade set between the shoulders.

"Growing up, Batman was the ultimate superhero in my mind. No superpowers, no alien tech, no altered DNA... just the tenacity of the human spirit with the will to fight injustice and bring hope to an entire city."

Printed on 8oz sweatshirts by the crew at Pipe Hitters Union, these shirts have been created to offer the ultimate in soft feel, comfort, and durability.

Available in Black.