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Jerusalem Cross Women's T-Shirt (Red Print)

$29.00 USD
Military Green

Jerusalem Cross Women's T-Shirt (Red Print)

Used during the time of the Crusades in the 12th century, this combination of five crosses was a symbol of the City of Jerusalem, thus earning its name. The five symbols were originally linked to the five wounds Christ received as he was on the cross - one for each nail used, one for the crown of swords, and one for the spear that pierced his side.

We have taken this incredible historic symbol and added a little Guardian flair by inlaying the Guardian Icon into the cross.

Printed on athletic cut 60/40 shirts by the crew at Pipe Hitters Union, these shirts have been created to offer the ultimate in soft feel and durability. IF you like a loos fit, consider ordering up one size.

Available in Black and Military Green.