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King of Death Women's T-shirt

$29.00 USD
Military Green

King of Death Women's T-shirt

Featuring our “King of Death” Skull and Crown on the back, with a quote - text from the ancient book of Revelation Chapter 1 verse 18, "I hold the keys of Death and Hell."

A powerful reference to the One Who Overcame Death, the King of Death shirt design has a few unique touches. First, the text on the back that clearly identifies the King of Death as the one who conquered Death and now holds its power in his hands. On the front pocket, The Guardian ICON carrying an ancient KEY in place of the sword. 

Lightweight yet durable, this 60/40 cotton/poly blend t-shirt has a soft feel and clean cut design. An awesome workout shirt in the gym or martial arts studio, yet refined enough for a casual evening out, these shirts are the ultimate in comfort and quality that men have come to expect from Guardian Defense Inc.

These are an athletic fit... if you want your shirt loose, consider ordering up a size.