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St. Cuthbert's Cross Patch: Black, SIlver, and Orange

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St. Cuthbert's Cross Patch: Black, Silver, and Orange

Continuing in our Cross Patch Series, our all new St. Cuthbert's Cross design is an incredible addition to the collection.
Standing 3.75" x 3.75", Velcro backed and available in two color options: our iconic black, silver and orange, or a Gold on Gold Variant - The Gold on Gold is limited to 200 made.
St. Cuthbert was a Priest of Celtic origin, and this cross design has been attributed to him, but not without some mystery. Cuthbert lived and ministered in 7th century, and after a life of service was interred  - only for his burial site to be opened five times over the next 1000 years. In one of those openings, an ornate cross in this distinctive design was discovered in the crypt among his robes. There is some debate as to whether this cross belonged to him, or was added in one of the times the site was opened, and while it remains a mystery, the design is simple and powerful to this day.