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Each of us have been given a mission, a responsibility, to watch over and protect those closest to us: to stand against evil and injustice, darkness and cruelty, to be light in a world where light is needed.  Each of us have been given a calling: to defend those in our care, and to defend those who cannot defend themselves.  This is what it means to be a Guardian.

True Guardians come from all walks of life. A Guardian may be a First Responder, LEO, Military... or any civilian willing to to what is necessary to protect their loved ones and those in need. 

You are a Guardian... and you are not alone...

In 2014, Abraham Hepler began a quest to offer the best possible firearms training options for people at all skill levels who wanted to defend themselves and those they loved, coupled with a desire to bring to the market place high quality products that would support and motivate like minded people.  

From the very beginning, he had a passion to see people not only have the best possible products, but to see them grow in their ability and skill set to use those products to their absolute maximum capacity.  Whether in self defense, competition shooting, working online as a Law Enforcement Officer, or downrange serving our country in the Military, Abraham’s passion was to see every shooter push the limits of what they could do to become better with their weapon every time they picked it up.

This passion quickly led to Guardian Defense Inc. bringing in high level instructors and offering live classes for those interested in bettering themselves.  But the dream was always to reach farther, climb higher, and see as many people as possible grow in their ability to not only use their weapons, but to be able to use them when it absolutely mattered most.  

The desire of Guardian Defense Inc. to see people grow in their ability is matched only by the desire to offer the best equipment possible. To that end, Guardian Defense Inc. is committed to designing tools and equipment that connect form and function, creating functional art that inhances the shooter, the shooter's mindset, and the shooting experience.

To help drive the mindset behind the training, Guardian Defense Inc. locked onto a fun venue to remind and encourage “the Guardians” to be the best they can be for their community: Motivational Patches. These simple yet fantastic and fun reminders call people to be their best - and to show the world who they are and what they are capable of.

Stand Guard. Protect those entrusted into your care.  You are a Guardian, and together, we are...

Guardian Defense Inc.




The Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Bible share the same story of creation.  God created man and woman and placed them in a Garden named Eden.  At the center of the garden was the Tree of life: a tree whose fruit would give everlasting life to anyone who ate from it.  In order to protect mankind from themselves and to keep them from eating the fruit of this tree, God eventually placed a warrior angel at the entrance to the Garden of Eden; and to the angel God gave a flaming sword to ward off any who would come after the tree.

This is the First Watch of the First Guard.

All Guardians have been given a post; a garden to watch over and protect.  This is our first circle - our homes, and the most valuable treasures in them - the people we love who rely on our protection.  This patch is based on the oldest weapon given to the first creature to stand guard.  Just as the angel was given a post and something incredibly valuable to protect, so each of us have been given the same.

The flame and the Guardian.  The symbol that when all else fails, though millenia pass and all that once was has long been forgotten, the Guardian still watches over that which has been entrusted to his care...


A guard is a defensive measure.  It is a position whose responsibility focuses purely on response to a threat or a perceived threat.  As a Guardian, it is imperative that we understand our responsibility is defensive... until the moment when it isn't.  

A defensive measure is only defensive until it is activated.  Once activated, the Guardian comes to the fight with bright hot heat of an eternally burning flame, and the Guardian will not stop until the threat has been neutralized.  As a Guardian, you are a defensive measure... until you are not.  

These two ideas create the symbol that we have taken as our own. The Guardian Defense Icon.