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H4:12 Shield

$12.00 USD

H4:12 Shield

This Shield design is based on one of our most limited and sought after patch designs from several years ago. The text is Ancient Greek, taken from Hebrews 4:12... here’s the literal translation:: “For the Word of God is living and effective - it slices beyond the ability of all two-edged swords; penetrating even to dividing soul and spirit...”

The sword, taken straight from the Icon, is set against the ancient text, with a dark grey Guardian Defense Incorporated Icon ghosted into the black background. Stitched in incredible detail, pictures don’t do justice to this incredible design.

Standing just over 4” tall, each patch is Velcro backed so you can be sure to attach it to you bag, kit, jacket, or gear. 

200 made, this patch Is a limited design and won’t be made again - be sure to grab yours today!